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Feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff in your home?

Exhausted by the idea of tackling it all by yourself?

If you dream of clutter-free countertops, an organized closet and a home that makes you feel relaxed and at ease — you're not alone. And it's okay if you’re not sure what to do to make it happen. That’s where I come in.

Want an organized home but don't want to live in a museum? I get it. I'm a real person with a family too. Your space can support your life and be organized all at the same time. It's totally within your reach. All you need is a little help. Specializing in helping busy parents and professionals declutter and organize their homes, I can help you conquer your cupboards, tidy a room or tackle your whole house.

Hi, I'm Tink Fisher.

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4-Step Process

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    Every professional home organization project is fully customized, so the first step is to set up a free in-person or virtual consultation to discuss your vision and schedule our appointment.

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Every professional home organization project is fully customized, so the first step is to set up a free in-person or virtual consultation to discuss your vision and schedule our appointment.


With your color palette, personal style and budget in mind, I will personally shop for the organization tools needed to maximize your space.


This is where the magic happens! I will come to your home and help you sort through your things, deciding what to keep, toss and donate. Then I will put it all back using the bins, baskets, boxes and other tools purchased to organize your space.


Get ready to love your new, organized space! The hard work is done and you get to enjoy the outcome. Before I go, I will show you how to maintain your newly organized home.

Before After

Sometimes I look around my house and want to snap my fingers like Mary Poppins and have everything back in its place. Enter my personal fairy - Tink!!! She shows up with a smile, lots of joyful energy, and seriously works with speed I have never seen. Before I know it - I DO feel like somebody snapped their fingers and my space is entirely organized, my stuff minimized and my mind free to enjoy my family and my home. Additionally, she shares tips and strategies to stay on top of everything and maintain what she establishes in your space.

Sarah Vogel Dresher, PA

Tink’s magic was a dream come true! Her organization transformed my home and how my family and I live in it. She was so understanding, supportive, and understanding through the whole process. Everything has a place which has led to systematically keeping my home tidy. I feel joy over this every single day! Thank you Tink, for bringing order to my home and peace to my mind

Marie Friedman Willow Grove, PA

I hired Tink when my family was moving into a new home and she completely set us up for success. I live in a different state so our work together was all online, but she provided just as much value for her services remotely as I know she does in-person. I would send her pictures and measurements of the areas I wanted to organize, and she would pick out the perfect organizational materials for me to order and use to make my home feel so orderly and comfortable. This was during a very hard time in my life too, when I was dealing with some very tough and tragic events, and the way she helped me make my new house feel like a real home was so meaningful to me I simply can't put it into words.

Jen Kaplin Sacremento, CA

Every time I opened our pantry doors, I was frustrated. It was the place we threw things when we didn't know where to put them, and when we actually needed things, we could never find them. Working with Tink was like a breath of fresh air, and she took away so much of my anxiety . My pantry, countertops, and cabinets were completely transformed. Not only did Tink do an amazing job, but having that fresh start and organization has made me want to keep it going. I am so proud that we've been able to maintain the organization and it has carried over to the other rooms in my house.

Marissa Katz Philadelphia, PA

Tink provided an amazing service for our family. She organize four different rooms which included the den, closet, the entryway close, the laundry room. With four kids and 25 years with of stuff, she was able to organize it in a way that made us function better as a family. The best thing is that she started me off on the right path of being Deliberate on how we organized our belongings. Highly recommend her service

Michele Narin Philadelphia, PA

I can say without exaggeration that Tink is one of the greatest people I have ever worked with. Her attention to detail is second to none. She has an amazing talent for organizing any space for any person. I used to think I could never be "one of those people" who used jars with labels, organized bins, etc - it was only from connecting with Tink that she taught me that ANYONE can do it, they just need some guidance from a professional like herself!

Emily Sterns Big Sky, Montana

Hiring Tink from Clean House was the best thing I could do to treat myself! Tink helped organize my kitchen, which was overwhelming me and causing so much stress. She provided options that would work for me, ran out to buy the needed supplies, and never made me feel ashamed of my mess. I am so happy I found Clean House and would recommend Tink to anyone!

Shira Levy Fort Washington, PA

Tink is incredible at what she does. Tink overhauled my laundry room, all my kitchen drawers and pantry. Almost a year later and everything is still in its designated space. I found room to keep new items organized. Tink holds you accountable to what you really don't need. How many clear vases from your wedding 25 years ago do you need? Organization is a mindset and Tink helps you get there. Whether you have a little or a lot, Tink can make use of it for you and the feeling when it's organized is priceless: I highly recommend her and I plan on using her services over and over again.

Michelle Ford Dresher, PA

She gave me the most amazing gift of being able to come home to an organized space during a very chaotic time, and it was truly therapeutic to be able to count on and look forward to that. I tell people that I think her name is Tink because she's literally like an amazing little fairy that comes into your house and makes it perfect. Literally my only complaint is that she doesn't live closer! She truly changed my life and my mindset with the work that she did for me and I can't thank her enough!

We called Tink in the middle of the pandemic. Our house was in disarray. Like a magical fairy, Tink waltzed into our home and started to create order where there had been chaos. She organized and purged and went out and bought the most amazing things to help us with our daily lives.She is utterly empowering and non-shaming and working with Tink has been one of the best investments I have ever made. I recommend her completely and utterly with great ebullience.

Natalie Levin Abington, PA

With a home filled with 5 children and a hubby whom loves to cook... organization is key to the success of this house running smoohtly. From our daughters' closets, to the linen closets, all the way down to the kitchen spices and pantry, our home has been transformed to meet the needs of all of us. Our home is now clam, neat, and a welcoming place for all of us! Thanks Tink!

Lisa Block Dresher, PA

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