About Tink

My Story

As I have grown and transformed over the years, I have learned that, too often, we forget the impact our spaces can have on our lives. Our homes are a direct indication of our emotional state. To live our very best lives, we must treat all things and all spaces with love and light.

With a little encouragement, some simple suggestions, and gentle persuasion from a loving and experienced hand, your home can support you to live the life you crave and desire.

I passionately believe that taking good care of your space leads to taking good care of yourself. Everything you come in contact with throughout your day affects your mood and your emotional state, your home included. It should bring you peace and joy while supporting your needs to protect you literally and figuratively.

I am a real woman, living a real life, with a full-time job (as a high school special education teacher), two children, and everyday stress. My home isn’t always “visitor ready” and I know all too well, how life often gets in the way of keeping a tidy home. However, I also know that spending a few extra minutes every day to keep your home organized and your spaces clear of clutter, will greatly impact your life.

I can help you perform the magic you need to get your home to be what it should be; a simplified, tranquil, and inviting space that supports your visions and your lifestyle.